Yet Another Day Inside

Posted by Simone On Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Yesterday was the first day of classes at my university. I have yet to register but i live on campus so i spent the day inside. Its not like i didn't have a lot to do. I mean i did my laundry, cleaned my bathroom, and got my room in order which i am very happy about. I didn't expect today to be any different except i don't really have anything to take care of around the house. I don't want to feel lazy and i don't like to just sit around all day unless i have worked hard all week. So, now its snowing which makes me want to stay away from outside as much as possible and that's not helping my situation at all. Sidebar: I think I'm going to watch Sex In The City 2 today.. How random. But yea, I'm bored but I'm not complaining. You might just see another post from me later on today.

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