In Search Of My Perfect Statement Necklaces

Posted by Simone On Thursday, January 27, 2011
I have search far and wide [well not really but that sounds good lol] for the perfect statement necklace and to my disappointment, I have not been successful at all. I guess its due in part to my laziness because I’m sure that New York of all places will have many shops that hold beautiful pieces. Over the winter break my energy was low and work ethic on high so majority of my time was spent in the work place [which I’m not mad about at all $$$]. I have noticed a trend in my behavior and i am leaning more towards on line shopping. I have checked forever 21[on-line and in soho], H&M [soho], ZARA [soho], Charlotte Russe [on-line], J crew [on-line].. yea i think that’s it. So, I really need some beautiful pieces! Here are a few pics of pieces that i love but just can’t get my hands on:

I dont know where these are but if you find them let me know!

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