Review: The Game Season Premier

Posted by Simone On Thursday, January 13, 2011
So last night was the season premier of The Game which just happens to be one of my favorite shows. The show is centered on three main relationships. Relationship #1 is Boyfriend and Girlfriend turned husband and wife, Derwin and Melonie. I’m not going to get into the whole history of their relationship [because I could go on and on forever] but I will say that I am happy they are married. Relationship #2 is husband and wife turned ex husband and ex wife, Jason and Kelly, the bi-racial ex-couple. I feel they were better off together but we all know TV shows need a little drama. Lastly Relationship #3 is Mother and Son [yes people this is considered a relationship, obviously not a sexual or intimate one] Malik and Tasha. Now, I’m not going to do a full review of the episode but I will go into the details of my likes n dislikes of the story line and the made over characters.
Melanie: Love her new look. Her hair is on point [I pay attention to detail lol] but her wardrobe isn’t. She still makes stupid impulse decisions which always get her into drama with her new husband. Her character has not changed and she is very similar to the old Melanie from season 3. My advice, you better wise up woman and stop doing things that could jeopardize your relationship without consulting your husband. Oh and go back to your residency just incase Derwin decides to leave your ass high and dry. YOU ARE SMARTER THAN THAT, [at least I hope so]

Derwin: He is still just as handsome as he wants to be. I’m happy to see he is living on top of the world with his career. Hmm nothing else I can really say about him because he’s perfect [so far]. Well, don’t be stupid Derwin. You have a wife who loves you and a baby by another woman but life can still be beautiful. Just don’t get wrapped up in any more hussies’.
Kelly: I must say I’m not impressed! I mean I love Kelly I really do BUT I feel like the show is just making her a little too edgy. Now, before this season Kelly really embodied the average cheerleader white girl that went after the balers [season 1] but as the seasons progressed I guess the producers tried to take her from a ditsy blond to an independent woman and I was all for that change. Looking into season 4 I can see they went too far with the independence and on top of that they are trying to make her gangsta [as if Tasha Mack would really be scared to fight Kelly in a one on one battle]. IDK, I can’t get with it but we will see. My advice- Kelly girl keep doing your thing and spend up all of Jason’s money. He wanted to be cheap when y’all were married but he cant be cheap with that alimony and child support so…[cant wait to see if she gets the booty implants lol].

Jason: I’m not to sure about Jason. I didn’t really get much out of him last night. He’s still overly cocky for absolutely no reason and its almost getting to the point where he is becoming like Malik [and lord knows we only need one Malik]. I need to keep a close eye on this guy although it seems like he is spending his money frivolously now that he’ not with Kelly anymore [although we all know he’s only doing it to piss her off]. And what the hell happened to Stacey Dash? I love her! She should have got married to Jason and started their own little family with Kelly on the outside looking in with Brittany. Now that would be some drama!

Tasha: She is still the same except now she smokes? And a black n mild at that! Hmmm they are making her to ghetto but I love me some Tasha Mack. She has a new love interest and to my disappointment it is Terrance from 106 and Park. By the way, I miss Rick Fox. He was good for her.

Malik: What an a-hole!!! This guy gets the jerk of the century award. I can see it now, he is going to ruin his career. First off why the hell did they bring Meagan Good on the show? I must say she looked AMAZING but why she always gotta play the role of a hoochie! For all of you that are lost right now, Malik is secretly [yet openly] messing around with the teams owners wife who just happens to be Meagan Good. And this negro had the nerve to sleep with his old bff, TT, new girlfriend. My advice- Eat a slice of humble pie you basterd and stop messing up everyone else’s life. I guarantee he will be injured in one of the upcoming episodes.

Lastly I must comment on the new brit brat aka Brittany. What the hell BET?? You couldn’t get a young bi-racial girl that looked at least slightly similar to the old Brittany? Where did u find that twenty something looking black chick who does not have an ounce of white in her?


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