I Love Days Like This

Posted by Simone On Saturday, January 29, 2011
Yesterday I had a girls day with three of my favorite college friends. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing but i love being spontaneous and people who are down for whatever. We walked the streets of Madison in the snow, which wasn't bad just as i expected, and trucked our way down to the local nail salon. I must say my friends are troopers because anyone else would have been fussing about not wanting to walk in snow. On the other hand we are all from NY and these Jersey people are so used to driving that walking is not an option.. idk but anyway.. it wasn't a bad walk at all. So, I got a mani and pedi in this beautiful lilac color by Essie which i felt complimented my skin so perfectly.
Essie Lilacism

While i was at the salon all of the women that were getting their nails done seemed to know each other and i swear it felt like an episode of the real housewives of NJ [without the ghetto Italian chicks which happens to be like the whole cast]. As I dried, each woman that sat next to me struck up a conversation and they were actually good ones. I love to see high class older white women mingle with a young mixed college student. It makes me feel like at least somewhere in the world race, age, and social status is not a factor. 

After our nails dried we headed to the mall. We took the bus since none of us new york girls know how to drive and it was an adventure trying to find the correct bus stop. Since no one plowed the bus stop we came up with strategies on how to get on the bus beyond the waist height pile of snow.. we eventually figured it out lol. We went to the worst mall in northern NJ [Livingston Mall] **SB: I really hate that mall because the stores inside are so crappy! The only one truly worth my time is H&M and thank God they revamped it because it wasn't shit before.** Well i did a mini haul spending $77 for 8 items! Below you can see exactly what i brought.

Overall it was a great day. We took a cab back to campus and later on that night we went out to the movies to see The Rite.. look out for a post on my review of the movie.

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